Beginning Monday, there will be some new restrictions on the mail.

Neillsville Postmaster Mike Lacey says the U.S. Postal Service letter carriers will no longer pick up any packages over 13-ounces that use just stamps as postage. The change is because of security concerns that may come along with larger pieces of mail.

That change means packages over 13-ounces must be presented to an employee at the Postal Office service counter. They can't be placed the mailbox, or drop boxes. Taking it to the window allows a clerk to ask specific security questions, before putting a printed postage label on the package.

Lacey says 13-ounces is where 1st Class Mail becomes Priority Mail, which is usually shipped by plane. Metered mail and PC Postage is exempt from the new restrictions.

Packages over 13-ounces with stamps that are placed in the mail will be returned to the sender. 

AUDIO: Paul Knoff reports (MP3 1:08)

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