The Assembly Speaker-elect announces committee chairs for the upcoming 2007-2008 Legislative session. State Representative Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) says a lot of criteria goes into the selection process in deciding who will serve on what committee, including the kind of unique, real-world experience a lawmaker brings from his previous life to the legislative process. Huebsch also looked for a geographic diversity for the committees where possible, and then asked the lawmakers about their interests.

Some legislators are back after having already served on a particular committee. Huebsch says this session there will be fewer standing committees and closer ratios between Republicans and Democrats. He says, "This caucus is ready to deal with the many issues facing Wisconsin."

Most notable of the Speaker's selections include Representative Steve Nass, who'll chair the Colleges and Universities Committee.

Joint Committees — Representative

  • Audit –Jeskewitz
  • Legislative Council –Wieckert
  • Retirement Systems –Jeskewitz
  • Review of Administrative Rules –LeMahieu
  • Tax Exemptions –Wood
  • Building Commission –Montgomery, Kaufert

Standing Committees Representative

  • Aging & Long Term Care –Townsend
  • Agriculture –Ott
  • Biofuels & Sustainable Energy –Hahn
  • Children & Family Law –Owens
  • Colleges & Universities –Nass
  • Consumer Protection & Personal Privacy –Lothian
  • Corrections & the Courts –Bies
  • Criminal Justice –Kleefisch
  • Education –Davis
  • Education Reform –Pridemore
  • Elections & Constitutional Law –Albers
  • Energy & Utilities –Montgomery
  • Financial Institutions –Newcomer
  • Forestry –Friske
  • Health & Health Care Reform –Vukmir
  • Homeland Security & State Preparedness –Ballweg
  • Housing –Wieckert
  • Jobs & the Economy –Strachota
  • Insurance –Lasee
  • Judiciary & Ethics –Gundrum
  • Labor & Industry –Honadel
  • Natural Resources –Gunderson
  • Property Rights –Williams
  • Public Health –Hines
  • Rural Affairs –Nerison
  • Rural Economic Development –Mursau
  • Small Business –Moulton
  • State Affairs –Van Roy
  • Tourism & Recreation –Kaufert
  • Transportation –Petrowski
  • Urban & Local Affairs –Gottlieb
  • Veterans & Military Affairs –Musser
  • Ways & Means –Kerkman
  • Workforce Development –Wood
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