The National Football League is reportedly considering taking the NFL Draft in the future to a 3-day event.  Why doesn't that surprise me?

In an effort to get the event more prime time coverage, the NFL is at least thinking about the first round on a Thursday night, rounds 2 and 3 on Friday night and rounds 4 through 7 on Saturday.   The current format has rounds 1 & 2 on Saturday, starting at 3pm central time and rounds 3 through 7 on Sunday, starting at 9am central time.

The hard core serious football fans will probably eat up 3-days of drafting.  They'll probably use vacation time, or call in sick, not missing a single moment.  Others will be interested in the first three rounds regardless, but might totally ignore the final four rounds on Saturday.

What the NFL wants is it's day in the sun.  They want as much prime time coverage as they can get and don't be surprised if they get it.  The NFL usually gets what it wants. 

Why stop at three days?  Why not take it over seven days.  Seven rounds over seven days.  Alright, I'm being sarcastic.  But if you want prime time, how about speeding up the rounds even more.  Why not do the draft on Friday and Saturday nights.  7-minutes for round 1 picks and 5-minutes for round 2 and 4 minutes for round 3.  Speed it up, don't slow it down. 

Two days is long enough.  The NFL is the best thing going in sports.  I say don't fix it if it's not broke.  Too much of a good thing might not be a good thing anymore.

What do you think?  Can you dedicate yourself to three days of the NFL Draft, or is that too much?

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