It’s a sign of the times, a big New Year’s Eve event in Wisconsin’s capital city drops the fireworks.

It’s not a cost-saving measure, though. In fact, all the money that would have been spent on the elaborate fireworks display at the annual U.S. Bank Eve celebration will instead be given to a local homeless organization in desperate need of the funds.

“It didn’t seem quite right to spend the money on fireworks when we could be donating it to an organization like Porchlight to help the homeless in the community.”

Lisa Clark, U.S. Bank spokesperson, says U.S. Bank Eve has been known as an alcohol-free family friendly way to ring in the New Year in the capital city for the past 18 years.

This year there is entertainment in seven locations throughout Madison, also 10 locations in Green Bay (Thursday).

In lieu of enjoying the popular colorful explosives, Clark says families can take comfort in knowing that thousands of dollars will help area homeless people.

“We’re gonna be giving a check to Porchlight for $12,000.”

Porchlight helps feed local homeless folks and keeps them warm. Clark says they don’t expect the lack of fireworks to have a negative effect on attendance.

Check their website for price, entertainment details and locations.

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