President Donald Trump’s suggestion on Twitter, that the November election might need to be delayed, is being batted down by political scientists and members of both political parties.

“There’s simply no ambiguity, that a president simply does not have any authority to do this,” said University of Wisconsin political scientist Ken Mayer, when asked asked about the president’s latest musings on his favorite social media platform.

Only Congress has that authority, and that’s not happening. Wisconsin politicians of both parties, including U-S Senator Tammy Baldwin and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, were quick to condemn Trump.

“There is nobody, or nobody responsible or nobody honest, who will tell you anything other than that this is something flatly, emphatically, end of story, period, no question at all, (the) president can’t do,” Mayer said.

Ken Mayer

Mayer also noted that Trump likes to use Twitter to deflect attention from unpleasant news.

“The fact that we’re talking about this rather than the Commerce Department releasing the worst quarterly economic news ever, gives you some idea of why Trump does this.”

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