Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Shane Blaser says at this time there appears to be no solution for saving the Verso paper mill

“Right now the mill is going to be idled at the end of July, that we do know, being that there isn’t a purchaser kind of laying in the weeds.”

He says the group has turned their attention to gathering resources for the over 900 employees that will be impacted. Many have noted that while Verso has not used the word “closed” in any materials about the decision, it is extremely rare for such a facility to come back once it is “idled”

Blaser says they did consider going to Governor Evers to see if an incentive package could be put together to save the plant, but given the short notice it would have been difficult to know what to put in the plan.

“You don’t know what incentive plan to put together because you don’t know what a company is looking for for incentive. So it’s cart before the horse, you’re just not sure which way to go.”

Employees at the mill will be meeting next week to receive details of their separation packages. 900 employees are being affected.


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