It looks as if there just isn’t going to be any unified statewide plan, for responding to the coronavirus pandemic in Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has withdrawn an outline for a new emergency rule, after Republicans tore into it shortly after its release last week.

“So, given that (it) just doesn’t make a lot of sense doing something that we know isn’t going to be successful,” Evers said Monday during a conference call.

Senator Steve Nass

The chair of the state legislature’s rules committee, Senator Steve Nass, said Monday in a statement that he’s confident Wisconsin residents can to fight and defeat Covid-19 “without excessive government coercion.”

Evers said he has no plans to restart the rule making process. “We’ll continue to meet and talk about different things. I’m not saying this is an end of conversations. But as it relates to the rule-making process, it’s not worth our time. We already know where they stand, and they control that process.”

The state Department of Health Services released the outline, known as a scoping statement, after last week’s state Supreme Court decision ending Safer at Home, only to have Republicans quickly denounce it as an attempt to circumvent that ruling.

“Do I wish we had a different outcome? Hell yes.” Evers said. “The Supreme Court took care of that, and we will move on in an appropriate way. We will continue to have conversations with the Republicans and the Democrats going forward on a whole number of things.”

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