President Obama has reversed predecessor's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research funding. Ed Fallone, President of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now , says the move is evidence that President Obama is separating politics and ideology from scientific research.

Some conservatives have long favored research of adult stem cells equating embryonic testing with taking a life. Fallone believe both methods have their place.

"It all works together, everything increases our understanding. The more we know about how the human body works the closer we are to curing disease," says Fallone.  

He says the increased resources will make it easier to recruit scientists. Under the previous restrictions, established in 2001, there were "a number of very talented young researchers" who were turned off from entering the field.

Fallone adds the move by the President only opens to the door to more federal funding but does not specifically allocate money.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (MP3 :58)

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