Tuesday marks the year anniversary of Lake Delton's draining into the Wisconsin River. During that time last year residents to south were still waiting to see what floods had in store for residents along the Rock River.

Rock County Emergency Management Coordinator Shirley Connors says her department was watching the radar, weather readings and filling more than 260,000 sandbags. She says they were "fortunate" to get advance notice on flooding.

By the morning of the June 13, 2008, the Rock River at Afton was at nearly 12 feet and rising and crested June 21 at 13.5 feet. Flood stage is nine feet.

Last year was tough with ice jams including large amounts of melting snow and heavy rains, according to Connors. She says this year the county is still experiencing saturated soil and water still doesn't have a place to go.

AUDIO: Shirley Connors (MP3 :22)

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