The senate democrats' universal health care plan may mean coverage for all but it may mean taxpayers will be paying huge tax increases to get it.

Dale Knapp at the Taxpayers Alliance says the initial  fifteen-million dollar tax increase under the plan is nothing compared to what will be needed to cover the deficit caused by the rising cost of health care.

As health care costs continue to grow, so will the tax rate to cover the deficit. After ten years the tax rate could be eighteen to twenty per cent Knapp says.

Which means the state would have to make up anywhere from four to nine billion dollars. Supporters of the democrats plan say it will put a cap on health care costs but Knapp hasn't seen any documentation that shows universal health will put a significant lid on those health care costs.

While the Alliance has not done a full review of the governor's proposed expansion of BadgerCare, Knapp says taxpayers probably wouldn't be hit as hard because private insurance still comes into play. The portion of public money remains about the same where universal health requires more taxpayer dollars.

Republicans say don't worry about it The democrats' universal health plan won't be in the budget.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:10 MP3 )

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