Not all state offices are closed for Martin Luther King's birthday, as one state lawmaker makes a point to protest the King holiday . West Bend Republican, Senator Glenn Grothman , insists there's nothing racist about it. "In think on a federal level, the idea of giving federal employees a day off for things like Columbus Day or Veterans Day is inaprorpiate as well," says Grothman. "The people who are getting the tax dollars ought to have to work as hard as the people who are paying the tax dollars."

Grothman says it's frustrating for people in the private sector who are working today to try to get information from a state agency or legislator, only to find everything shut down. In the past, Grothman has tried unsuccessfully to repeal the King holiday.

(from John Colbert, WIBA )

AUDIO: John Colbert reports (:35 MP3)

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