A jury has heard opening statements in the Rock County murder trial of James Koepp. District Attorney David O’Leary said the evidence would show that Koepp committed the murders, although the only witnesses to the crime other than Koepp are dead. O’Leary told the jury they’ll hear a taped message Koepp made when calling his brother shortly after the murders.

AUDIO: D.A. David O’Leary (:40 MP3)  AUDIO: D.A. David O’Leary (:40 MP3) 

Defense attorney Walter Isaacson said Koepp was in the Lentz home the evening of January 11, 2007, but that he left, and someone intent on robbery entered the trailer later that night. Isaacson told the jurors that Keopp was a neighbor who had a friendly relationship with the victims, that Keopp did some repairs to the Lentz mobile home, and that Koepp admitted to having an affair with Danyetta Lentz.

AUDIO: Attorney Walter Isaacson (:40 MP3)  AUDIO: Attorney Walter Isaacson (:40 MP3)

Jurors from Kenosha County heard opening statements triple murder trial of Koepp, who’s accused in the brutal killings of killing Danyetta Lentz and her teen children Nicole and Scott. The victims were found strangled and shot.

The morning included testimony from Linda Brickson, the former office manager at the day care where victim Danyetta Lentz worked. Brickson was first to go to the Lentz trailer home just south of Janesville the morning after the murders. Danyetta’s father, Russell Lucht, who was the first to enter the trailer, through a window, described finding the bodies of his daughter and his grandchildren.

Steve Benton, WCLO

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