A bill seeks to tighten the definition of who may vote, at Wisconsin Conservation Congress hearings. The annual meetings take place next Monday in all 72 counties. State Representative Jeff Mursau said no out-of staters attending annual spring hearings of the Conservation Congress should be allowed to vote on advisory questions. "It's the Wisconsin Conservation Congress," said Mursau, during a hearing before the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources on Wednesday. "Voting should be limited to Wisconsin residents." Mursau said there have been issues in the past that have spurred attendance by non-Wisconsinites. George Meyer with the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation cited the feral cat issue of a couple of years ago as one example of that. Under Mursau's bill, the Natural Resources Board could not accept the results of any county's vote on an advisory question, or for delegates, if nonresidents were allowed to vote at that county meeting. Conservation Congress chair Ed Harvey, Jr. testified against the bill, but indicated willingness to work on the issue.

AUDIO: Mursau, Meyer, Harvey testimony (8:30 MP3)

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