The Green Bay Packers wrapped up their first pre-Super Bowl practice week

Super Bowl Media Center

yesterday and after a little business with the team this morning, they’ll depart for Dallas where they’ll face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 45 this Sunday.

The only player that didn’t practice this week was starting outside linebacker Eric Walden, who is sidelined by an ankle injury and has been getting plenty of extra treatment on it for the last week.  Coach Mike McCarthy did reiterate at a news conference this week that Eric Walden is his starter if he’s able to play on Sunday.  He’ll resume workouts on Wednesday. 

If Walden can’t play, there’s a decent chance that rookie Frank Zombo will be returned and ready to play this week.  Zombo has missed the last several weeks with a knee injury.

Just when you thought the team’s Super Bowl photo shoot coming up on Friday was a thing of the past, the story took another twist over the weekend.  QB Aaron Rodgers took the opportunity to admonish players that were put on injured reserve and then left Green Bay to receive their rehab treatment elsewhere.  It caused some back and forth bickering with linebacker Nick Barnett, who responded to Rodgers criticisms on Twitter, then later closed his account down.

It’s busy in Dallas already.  Our man in Dallas all week long is Mike Clemens, who arrived on Sunday and starts out our Super Bowl week coverage with this report.

AUDIO: Mike Clemens arrives in Dallas and finds the action right from the start 2:20

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