Mike Clemens Photo

Mike Clemens Photo

Wednesday’s Green Bay Packers Training Camp workout was full of fights as well as pushing and shoving matches.  That isn’t strange to an NFL practice.  But the Packers had at least six of them yesterday.

It started early with WR Jeff Janis and CB Antonio Dennard.  When it was all finished, roughly 40 players jumped in.  At least a dozen were on the ground, punching and kicking for 30 seconds or more.

The day even included a shouting match between Green Bay linebackers coach Winston Moss and Packers offensive line coach James Campen.

It’s almost hard to believe that a team that has struggled with injuries the past couple of seasons, came out of this with no injuries to report.

With three preseason games coming up, including a game at St. Louis on Saturday, Mike McCarthy said it’s likely the most physical they’ll be for the rest of camp.

After practice, Jordy Nelson made it clear that challenges were presented to the players by the coaches during early morning team meetings, to fight for your teammates.  The coaches were looking to see some emotion in this camp and that’s exactly what they got.

So were the fights staged.  You could say that the mission was accomplished.

AUDIO: Winston Moss asked how it all got started with James Campen :19

AUDIO: Jordy Nelson says the coaches challenged the players to protect their teammates :14

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