Aaron Rodgers (File Photo)

The Seattle Seahawks fumbled the football away on their very first play from scrimmage.  The Packers recovered and jumped out to a 14-3 lead.  Green Bay would lead 21-17 at halftime, then came the disappearing act.

The Packers managed just three points and three first downs in the second half and fell to the Seahawks 27-24 at CenturyLink Field.  After a Mason Crosby field goal, the Packers punted five straight times and walked away with their 5th (0-5) road loss this season.

Aaron Rodgers threw short at the feet of Marquez Valdes-Scantling on third-and-2 near their own 30-yard-line.  The Packers opted to punt the ball away more than four minutes to play and never got it back.

Aaron Rodgers completed 21 of 30 for 332 yards and two touchdowns, but both of the scoring strikes came in the first half.

Rodgers body language in the second half was that of a frustrated quarterback.  He sulked throughout and the once high-powered Packers offense resigned itself to another meltdown.

The Packers quarterback was questioned after the game about his ability to get on the same page with his head coach.  Mike McCarthy drew some of those same questions during his post-game meeting with reporters.

Rodgers voiced his displeasure with the play-calling after a game earlier this season and has since deferred such questions to the person that calls the plays (McCarthy).  It boils down to the two publicly trying to play nice, but getting nothing accomplished.

After rushing for 145 yards on 15 carries against Miami last week, the Seahawks held Aaron Jones to 40 yards on 11 carries with a touchdown.  The Packers did throw to Jones, to the tune of five receptions for 63 yards and a score.  But several times in the second half, while Rodgers was trying to elude Seattle’s pressure, he failed to find open receivers down field, not to mention Jones out of the backfield, who was wide open on several occasions.

Whether it’s the play-caller or the quarterback, the Packers have an offense that continually looks down field for the big play and is not willing to throw the dump-off pass.  It was open several times in the second half, but Rodgers didn’t see it because he was resigned to looking down field and then eluding pressure.

The apparent rift between Rodgers and McCarthy has the offense a mess right now.  Rodgers, when asked if they could get this fixed, said they just need a galvanizing moment of some sort.  Rodgers didn’t know what that moment is or would be, but tried to see reporters on seeing that moment come and then building on it.

There’s been no proclamations of R-E-L-A-X, or win them all, but the Packers may need the latter to make the playoffs.  It will have to start with yet another road game at Minnesota a week from Sunday.

Packer Nation is calling for Mike McCarthy’s job, but they should be demanding that their quarterback step up and lead the Packers out of the funk that they’re in.  Rodgers is the highest paid player in the game, but he certainly isn’t acting like it.

Regardless of who is at fault, Rodgers has the ball in his hands on every play and saving the Packers season has to start with him.  We’re constantly reminded about the clock ticking on Aaron Rodgers and how many championships he is or isn’t winning.  He is the Packers leader.  If he pouts, than everybody pouts.  If he takes the bull by the horn and leads the Packers to another second half of the season resurgence, his teammates will step in line and follow him.

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