Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Ryan Pickett came away from his car accident last Saturday with minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle, Pamela Young of Green Bay told the Green Bay Press Gazette that she and her three passengers would sue Pickett for the injuries they suffered. Young said after the accident, everyone only seemed to care about whether Pickett was OK. Young suffered two badly damaged knees and a dislocated wrist. Her daughter, 16 year old Melanie Young, suffered deep lacerations to her nose and face. 18 year old Elias Freeman and 31 year old Paul Peterson were also injured in the accident. Freeman suffered a fractured skull and Peterson tore ligaments in his shoulder, had a concussion and had to have stitches. The accident occurred on Saturday when Pickett tried to make a left turn out of the players parking lot on Lombardi Avenue. Pickett was issued a ticket for failing to yield while making a left turn.

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