I can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing.  Green Bay Packers season ticket holders left 40,000 tickets up for grabs when they decided against

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

purchasing post season tickets more than a month ago.  At that time, the Packers playoff chances were in jeopardy and fans either didn’t like their chances or weren’t willing to cough up their money for a team that might not go far even if they do make the postseason.

So the organization put the 40,000 tickets, priced at $102 to $125 up for sale on Monday,  giving those season ticket holders the chance to purchase first.  Those fans could purchase a maximum of 4 tickets.

Now, almost two full days later, the Packers announced this evening (Tuesday) that 11,000 tickets still remain for Sunday’s Wild Card Playoff game against the 49ers.

It was reported earlier today that the 4 ticket limit had been removed.

It may be a difficult time for some to dole out more than $100 a ticket and some may see the combination of the price, the cold and the Packers being underdogs as unappealing.  But the large number of fans on the waiting list that doesn’t normally get to attend meaningful games would lead you to believe these tickets would be snapped up faster than the current pace.

Yes, the odds may not be very good for a deep playoff run, but they weren’t good in 2010 either, and the Packers played every game on the road that season, all the way to winning the Super Bowl.

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