As the Green Bay Packers get ready for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, one of

Greg Jennings

the topics in the locker room centered on the back-shoulder throw.

It’s been used in almost every game recently and has been executed with great efficiency. 

The play is carried out when the coverage is right,  It requires a quarterback with good arm strength and accuracy, which Aaron Rodgers has, and it requires great timing.

AUDIO: Aaron Rodgers on the key to back shoulder throws :13

The back shoulder throw has become a staple in the Packers offense.  Whether it’s touchdowns or simple pass completions, it’s used in just about every game.

AUDIO: Mike McCarthy on Aaron Rodgers back shoulder throw :20

Despite the success of the play, the Packers aren’t going to it any more than usual.  But wide receiver Greg Jennings said when they do go to it. the back shoulder throw is nearly impossible to defend.

AUDIO: Greg Jennings says the back shoulder throw is tough to defend :21

Rodgers is comfortable using the back shoulder throw with any of his receivers.  Greg Jennings said it looks so simple, but it’s not the easiest play for the receiver to execute.

AUDIO: Greg Jennings on catching the back shoulder throw :26


Packers coach Mike McCarthy is still not ruling out defensive back Tramon Williams, despite his not practicing Wednesday or Thursday.  Williams suffered a bruised shoulder in the season opening win over New Orleans a week ago.

The Packers are visiting Carolina for the first time since 2005.  The Packers have won 4 of the last 6 meetings and have a 6-4 mark in the all-time series.


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