The Democratic National Convention is over, but the struggle to carry Wisconsin for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continues. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminded Wisconsin delegates that the state is critical

“No pressure. It’s all riding on Wisconsin. No pressure.”

Pelosi was joined in a DNC virtual breakfast earlier in the week, by former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Wisconsin is a critical state,” Holder said. “The fate of the United States, the fate of the western world, is on your shoulders. It’s critical, this is critical.”

The latest Marquette Law School Poll has Biden with a five point lead over President Donald Trump among likely voters in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was also on the call this week, and reminded participants that Wisconsin is critical for another reason.

“We have some of the most gerrymandered maps in all of America, and that’s what this year’s election is all about for me, and I think for you also” the governor said. “Sure it’s about defeating the Trumpster, and making sure his brand of nonsense comes nowhere near the White House again. I know Joe’s going to win in November, but it’s also about the maps.”

Congressional district maps are redrawn every ten years based on the U.S. Census. In Wisconsin, that process is relegated to legislative leadership, which ten years ago was held by Republicans in both the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly.

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