A couple of lawmakers are looking for support on the Photo ID bill.

Representative Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) is reintroducing for second passage the joint resolution that would allow for a change in the constitution to require photo ID in order to vote in Wisconsin. The Greendale Republican says lawmakers need to listen to their constituents. "The vast majority of people — 75-80% — believe that this is a reasonable requirement that we should have in our state. So I think it's Republicans and Democrats and Independents think this would be good for our election system."

Stone says on the first day they circulated the legislation, they got about 17 cosponsors in the Assembly and the Senate. The opposition is concerned that the poor and elderly would be disenfranchised, but Stone says there are provisions that would make IDs available for anyone who couldn't afford one. "Constitutionally, it's necessary to provide an ID to anyone who can't afford it. You can't have a poll tax, you can't have a cost associated with voting, and so obviously we would address those concerns."

The Photo ID bill has already passed through the full legislature last session, but will have a tougher time this go-around, especially in the Senate where the Democrats gained the majority. When and if it passes both houses of the legislature, the measure will go to the people of the state who'll have the final word. Co-sponsor Senator Joe Leibam (R-Sheboygan) says Wisconsinites will have the power to restore confidence and integrity in Wisconsin's election system.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:32 MP3)

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