The trees are changing colors around the state, what could be better? The summer crowds have gone, the weather is great, gas prices are decreasing and Jerry Huffman with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism says the colors are vivid in some areas. “From everything we're seeing, it looks like we're gonna have just a great color season. We're getting those cold, crisp nights, which are key to making the colors pop.”

Huffman gleams, “It's like Christmas … without the snow.” That's how he describes the gift we have right in our back yards. “There are less people; there are bigger bargains; gas prices are down; and when you combine that with the phenomenal color show that mother nature puts on every year, it's exciting just to step outside. And, to use the overused tourism phrase, 'be a touisist in your own backyard'.”

Huffman says the colors are already beautiful in the north and will progressively paint the landscapes down and around the state. “Most of the northern regions are either near peak or just past peak, while down in Madison we're rated, I think, as just starting, but I know in my neighborhood in Green County the colors are already vibrant. It's just such a great time of year to be traveling in Wisconsin.

Fall is the second-fastest growing season in the state for traveler spending, with summer being number one, says Huffman, as he reminds us to visit for a weekly-updated fall color map and last minute bargains on Wisconsin golf courses.

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