Crews have cleaned up nearly 80 percent of the crude oil spilled from a pipeline onto a tiny farm near the Clark County city of Owen on Monday according to the owners of the pipeline.

An employee for the Houston-based Enbridge Company discovered the spill and immediately shut off the flow of oil through the pipeline.  Enbridge spokesman Larry Springer says vacuum trucks have spent the past two days cleaning up the nearly 21-thosuand gallons of oil.

Springer says the spill did not immediately threaten nearby surface water, wetlands or wells and contaminated soil from the spill site will be properly disposed of at area landfills.

Springer says the pipeline ends in Chicago where the oil is refined into gasoline and diesel that is returned to central Wisconsin.

The cause of the spill is not yet known.  An investigation continues

AUDIO: Larry Springer, Enbridge Company ( :57 MP3 )

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