A former Democratic state lawmaker, who brought down a Republican who voted for the Miller Park stadium tax, is back in the political spotlight, at the local.

Former state Senator Kim Plache faces criticism in Racine, for deciding to accept a school board seat. Plache dropped out of the school board race to run for Mayor. She lost her mayoral bid this week, but her name was still on the ballot for school board. "I never wanted to serve in both positions, but I was elected by a large margin of voters throughout Racine Unified School District, who are well aware of my years of public service," said Plache, who admits she had different plans than school board. "I expected to be in the general election for mayor," she said. "But the voters have spoken and I believe in respecting the will of the voters."

Plache defeated George Petak in a 1996, post Miller Park election, lost that job 5-years later, and has been working for WHEDA the last few years. Plache was third in the Racine mayoral primary, behind State Representative Robert Turner and businessman John Dickert. The winner of a May 5th special election succeeds Tom Friedel, who replaced Gary Becker amid allegations of child pornography and Internet teen sex chatter.

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