A major explosion in Marshfield early Monday morning sent debris flying up to a half-mile away. The explosion occurred at Marshfield Door Systems, a major door manufacturer. Marshfield Fire Chief Jim Schmidt said the blast occurred shortly after 3:00 a.m. in a machine used to make the core for fireproof doors.

Schmidt says it is still way too early to know what exactly caused the explosion. The plant is currently closed for further evaluation. And while the area where the explosion occurred had just a few workers present, other third-shift workers were on the scene in other parts of the plant. One worker estimated there could’ve been as many as 100 workers at the facility when the blast occurred.

This is a facility that was just recently purchased by Masonite Incorporated based in Tampa, Florida. The plant’s history goes back to Marshfield’s early years of the 1890’s, and began producing doors in 1908.

Mike Warrens, WDLB

AUDIO: Chief Dan Schmidt (55)

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