It's more like Beirut than Beloit. That's the complaint Beloit Police Chief Sam Lathrop's been hearing about illegal fireworks the past few days. People are still buying and shooting them off.

It's more than just noise complaints. Chief Lathrop says firefighters are getting roman candles and bottle rockets shot at them as they fight fires in the city.

Police are also looking for the people who supplied a mortar-like device that blew the hand off a fifteen-year old girl.

Chief Lathrop says the state needs to come up with a uniform fireworks selling law. He says the problem is fireworks retailers can set up shop six miles east of Beloit where residents can buy them legally but use them illegally in the city.

Chief Lathrop says his officers have issued more citations than ever before but he calls that like trying to lower the water level in Lake Michigan by taking a cupful out of it.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :59 MP3 )

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