Wisconsin businesses feel pretty good right now about the economic and job outlook.

Manpower Incorporated is out with the results of its latest statewide business survey. What's the job outlook for the coming third quarter?

Manpower's Luke Whitburn says sixty-three per cent of those companies surveyed in the state say they will neither be hiring nor firing July through September. Their payrolls will stay the same.

Whitburn says that means business owners think the economy is on track. Seven per cent said there would be lay-offs but that's the nature of the business beast these days.

Whitburn says there is still a talent shortage in some job areas. The number one most difficult job to fill is sales people. That's followed by teachers and mechanics.

Whitburn says it's a matter of today's demographics. Job candidates will move farther to find their ideal job and that limits the pool of homegrown talent companies used to draw on.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :56 MP3 )

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