Be careful. That flowerpot full of potting soil could be a fire hazard.

Dirt can't burn but Jim Rabbitt, Director of the state's Consumer Protection Office, says potting soil will. That's because it's not really soil any more. It's mostly peat and that can burn especially when it dries out.

Consumer Protection tested it, laying cigarette on top of the potting soil in a flower pot. It started smoldering and eventually burned all the way through to teh bottom of the pot.

If that smoldering potting soil is close to other flammable materials, it could be a major problem.

Rabbitt says it's not unusual for people to throw their cigarettes into a planter and that could be the spark that starts the fire.

Consumer Protection is warning people who will bring potting soil inside for the winter to store it in a metal container and don't use it as an ash tray.
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