We’re several months out from the gun deer season, but now’s a good time to get out into your favorite hunting spot to prepare it for the falls.

Department of Natural Resources deer specialist Jeff Pritzl says that while preparing private land for a hunt is important, it’s also important to take some time if you hunt on public land. 

“But for those public land hunters, they too, want to go in early, and get familiar with the property again, in any changes.”

Pritzl says you should be checking your sight lanes and keeping them clear, and checking for ash trees that might need to be removed because of the emerald ash borer beetle.

If you’re using an ash tree to put a deer stand in or alongside, that’s something you may want to adjust and or be familiar with. Because as those trees die, they become they can become hazards.”

Hunters should also be on the lookout for invasive species of plants and try not to spread them. “Be conscious of not incidentally moving that by cleaning your especially your shoes and the treads of boots before going into an area that, you know hasn’t been infected yet.”

Pritzl says getting work done now will ensure that deer aren’t being startled out of their usual patterns in the fall due to human activity. You can find a handy guide to spotting invasive species online at https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Invasives


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