The Wisconsin presidential primary is eight months away but Wisconsin voters seem to be paying attention already.

Results of the UW-Survey Center's Badger poll say two-thirds of the voters in the state are giving the presidential race some thought so early.

The poll's Kathy Kramer Walsh says as far as a candidate's favorable rating, those surveyed seem to be going more on name recognition. It's Rudy Giuliani and Tommy Thompson among republicans. In fact Giuliani beating out Wisconsin's former governor by six points.

For democrats, unannounced candidate Al Gore and Hillary Clinton with Gore actually beating Clinton by two points.

Walsh says it's interesting to see how different the Wisconsin results are from the latest Iowa poll that puts Mitt Romney at the top of the republican's list. He's a poor fourth here.

But Walsh thinks that's because the candidates have been so much time in Iowa prior to the straw poll and Iowa caucuses next year.

The Badger Poll has a margin of error of plus or minus four points.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:05 MP3 )

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