A state lawmaker is working on 50-50 placement in child custody battles.

You've heard stories of law-abiding parents who financially support their child, but have to fight tooth-and-nail just to see their own kid. State Representative Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) is trying to change that by giving both parents equal physical placement with their kids to the highest degree possible.

Pridemore says, with his legislation, a judge would no longer be able to favor one parent over the other.

The Hartford Republican explains his measure, which is still being drafted, promotes the general welfare and best interest of the child. Pridemore introduced the bill Monday to the special committee on strengthening Wisconsin families, and hopes to pick up a little more support before he officially introduces the bill later this session. Similar legislation passed the Assembly last session, but died in Senate Committee.

NOTE: A widely-known example of a parent being frustrated with not having equal child custody is Alec Baldwin.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:27 mp3)

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