A pro-life group says women shouldn't be coerced into having an abortion.

Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director Barbara Lyons says some women are traumatized because they feel they are being forced and coerced into having an abortion. The pro-life group will be introducing a bill aimed at preventing such actions.

"We are getting information both from phone calls to our office from people who deal with pregnant women, from Internet stories that women are being coerced into having abortions. … intimidations, threats. Sometimes it's the boyfriend; sometimes it's mom or dad; sometimes it's the boyfriend's mom or dad."

"The Coercive Abortion Prevention Act," requires patients seeking abortions to sign a statement confirming that they were not coerced into having an abortion. Chris Taylor of Planned Parenthood says it's just one more attempt by WRTL to make abortion more inaccessible to women. "I think the important thing to emphasize is that of course patients are entitled to informed consent. And we already a statute on the books that makes sure that patients are given all the information that they need."

Lyons says women need to know that they have an ally, and that's the law itself.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:11 MP3)

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