State Representative Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) says women shouldn't have to worry about being denied access to prescription birth control at a pharmacy. The Milwaukee Democrat says it's not happening that often in Wisconsin, but there have been enough cases in recent years to raise concerns.

Legislation from Sinicki would fine pharmacists who refuse to provide FDA approved contraceptives. They could also face disciplinary action on a professional level. She says the bill ensures every woman in the state will have access to the birth control they need and want.

The legislation is inspired by a handful of cases where pharmacists cited moral objections when refusing to fill a birth control prescription. Sinicki says she's not willing to consider such an exemption at this time because a pharmacist's job is to follow a doctor's orders.

The bill could face problems in the Assembly, where legislation mandating the availability of emergency contraceptives for rape victims in emergency rooms has already stalled. Sinicki is hopeful her bill will stand a better chance there. The bill is also being introduced in the Senate.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:23)

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