The target. Items such as thermometers, switches and thermostats. The author of the proposal. State Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar).

Armed with EPA estimates of 20-thouand tons of mercury based products being disposed of each year in the Great Lakes area, Jauch hopes to make this a regional effort.

If enough Midwestern states pass similar laws, Jauch says, it will put pressure on manufacturers to stop making these products containing mercury. Jauch says there are safer alternatives.

Even though they contain mercury, Jauch says those energy saving fluorescent light bulbs are not on his list. He's working on a recycling plan for products such as those.

His bill does not address mercury emissions from factories. Jauch says the DNR has a proposal to cut those emissions which will be debated by the legislature this summer.

Jauch plans on introducing the bill in conjunction with Earth Day, April 22nd. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :59 MP3 )

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