Like a scarlet letter, one state lawmaker wants the most serious sex offenders to have special public identification.

The idea comes from state representative Joel Kleefisch The Kleefisch bill would require serious child molesters and sexually violent offenders on GPS monitoring to have the plates once out of prison.

The plates would be light green. Kleefisch says if a parent sees a car with light green plates driving slowly near a park full of children it would be a warning to protect your children.

Kleefisch chooses the car as the most visible sign to the public because sex offenders use their cars, he says, to commit their crimes. Whether it's driving to meet someone they contacted on line or are stalking children at schools and playgrounds.

But opponents of the bill are concerned innocent people may drive the same car at times and be unfairly labeled as a sex offender.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:02 MP3 )

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