The ACLU of Wisconsin is calling for a review of how police handled a protest at UW-Milwaukee.  Cops used pepper spray to break up a rally calling for a tuition freeze.  The crowd of about 150 people had gathered outside the building that houses the office of the school chancellor. When only one member of the group was allowed into the building, campus police chief Michael Marzion says the protestors who were turned away punched and kicked officers while some also threw snowballs and ice at the officers. 

Fifteen people were arrested. Some of the students could face charges of disorderly conduct and resisting and obstructing officers.

Chief Marzion (:12)


No serious injuries were reported. The organizers of the rally say the police were more violent than the protestors. The students were calling for a tuition freeze and for top university officials to cut their salaries before making any salary cuts to lesser-paid faculty.

Protests occurred at other campuses around the country, as part of the National Day of Action for Public Education.

Jason Fischer contributed to this report

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