A second Clark County pig herd has tested positive for pseudo-rabies.

The second farm is outside the five mile radius from the first infected herd but the pigs had direct contact with an infected boar. The Agriculture Department found eleven infected animals.

The Department's Donna Gilson says both herds will be destroyed and testing will now begin within another five mile radius. Gilson says the virus does not hurt humans so the swine in the infected herds that are large enough will be slaughtered for food.

Michigan has temporarily stopped importing Wisconsin pigs but the state's two largest customers Minnesota and Iowa have not.

Right now, Gilson says they believe the outbreak is under control but if more herds have to be destroyed and producers have to start testing for the virus before shipping hog out of state, then there could be a major impact to the industry.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:00 MP3 )

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