If you're out in the woods this holiday week and run across a purple triangular object in the trees. It's a trap.

The Agriculture Department's Plant, Pest and Disease Specialist Mick Skwarok says traps have been placed in eleven state parks, various county parks where camping is allowed and some rest stops. All in the southern and eastern part of the state.

If you see one, the Ag Department asks you leave it alone. If any of the Ash tree killing beetles cross the Illinois border into Wisconsin the Ag department hopes to find out by checking the traps. But so far, so good. No Emerald Ash Borers in Wisconsin yet.

Remember there are still firewood restrictions across the state. No firewood can be hauled into a state park that's traveled more than fifty miles away.

And if you're headed for a private campground, Skwarok says call ahead and ask. Some private camp owners are enforcing the ban some aren't.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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