A state lawmaker wants to put Wisconsin’s Blue Book out of print.  A new edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book is printed each legislative session. It contains a variety of information on lawmakers, state government, and Wisconsin’s history.

State Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) worries it has become a wasteful tradition. The latest edition of the book cost nearly $300,000 to print and another $30,000 to store and distribute the copies.

The Lake Geneva Republican has introduced a bill that would stop the state from printing the traditional Blue Book. He admits the cost savings would not be huge. However, he says lawmakers are looking to cut state expenses and this is one of many possible ways to accomplish that goal.

August says modern technology has made the Blue Book little more than an expensive state directory, now that most of the information is available online.

Wisconsin Blue Books have been printed since 1879. It is currently published on a bi-annual basis, with a new version coming out after the start of each two-year legislative session.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports 1:03

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