The Racine Unified School Board is nowhere close to a decision about a possible lawsuit – against the state over inadequate funding for public education – as it relates to the new state budget and aid reductions. But with the forced addition of school vouchers, like Milwaukee, the level of discussion has been raised.

At their Monday meeting, Superintendent James Shaw indicated with vouchers part of the budget mix; Racine Unified will take the biggest financial hit of any district in the state. In effect, citizens get hit with a voucher tax. Shaw said with the voucher “tax increase” combined with budget cuts they are “defunding” the district.

Chief Financial Officer David Hazen explained under the state mandate by year three of the program, a shift to unlimited vouchers, the impact for local taxpayers could be an additional $10-million.

Former Board member Brian Dey resurfaced to urge against an expensive “waste of time” lawsuit in favor of focusing dollars on students.

AUDIO: Sup. Shaw on whether a lawsuit is a good idea (:25)

Tom Karkow-WRJN

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