Censorship became a central issue at a public hearing run by a Fond du Lac School District panel. At issue was whether the sexual content of the Sonya Sones book, “One Of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies” was too strong for middle schoolers. Thursday night’s testimony included that of Shelby Berg, a 13-year-old who asked that the book be included in her library at Theisen Middle School.

Shelby Berg (:16)


District Superintendent Jim Sebert read a statement from Sones who says children in middle school are beginning to talk about sex, which is one of the dilemmas the book’s main character 15-year-old Ruby is struggling with.

Ann Wentworth was the parent who asked the book be removed from the school’s library after her 11-year-old daughter brought it home. She said the issue was about age appropriate material, not censorship.

Ann Wentworth (:14)


The District’s Reconsideration Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the district superintendent that the book remain on the library’s shelves.

Wentworth has asked that six other books be removed including the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series, but said after the committee’s recommendation she needs time to decide whether to continue her battle.

Contributed by Bob Nelson-KFIZ

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