Green Bay Packers kicker Dave Rayner found out the Packers selected a kicker in the 6th round of the draft while he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic.  He said he was initially upset, for about 10 minutes and then decided he wouldn't let it ruin his vacation.

Rayner met his competition this week, the strong legged Mason Crosby from Colorado. 

As mini-camp opened on Friday in Green Bay, Rayner said he knew the Packers wouldn't just hand him the job without any competition. 

Last summer in training camp, Rayner won the job over veteran kicker Billy Cundiff.  In his first season in the NFL , Rayner made 26 of 35 kicks, converting 74.3% of the time. 

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said, "We need to get our percentage up in the field goals.  That's something we addressed in our overall meeting of the team goals for the upcoming year."

The specialists didn't do any kicking in Friday's mini-camp workout and Rayner said he's not sure when that first kicking battle with Crosby will come. 

Listen / Download – Dave Rayner says may the best man win. :24
Listen / Download – Rayner knows he'll be kicking somewhere. :18

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