A Dane County Judge has agreed to consolidate legal challenges filed in recall races targeting nine state senators. Both Democrats and Republicans filed the challenges in Dane County court after the Government Accountability Board certified recall petitions against them.

To help deal with the issue as quickly as a possible, a Dane County judge on Thursday combined all of them into a single case. The challenges are based on many of the same arguments made to the GAB on why the petitions should have been thrown out.

Attorney Jeremy Levinson, who represents the three Democratic senators, hopes the move will lead to a quick resolution.

The first primaries in the recall races are set for July 12th, and Judge Richard Niess set up a rapid schedule for briefs to be filed over the next two weeks.

Eric McLeod, the attorney for Republican senators, believes that should be enough time. He says his clients are preparing for the upcoming recalls under the assumption they will be proceeding.

McLeod did suggest in court that delaying the primaries would allow more time to resolve the challenges. However, Judge Niess said voters should presume they will take place as scheduled.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:03)

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