A deal that may bring jobs to Southeast Wisconsin. Racine Mayor John Dickert says the area has "the best workers on the planet." That's why he was floored when he heard Chrysler planned on shutting down the neighboring Kenosha Engine plant next year to relocate in Mexico. He is among local leaders hoping for the Obama administration to push for redevelopment of the plant to keep auto jobs there.

Dickert is looking to bring other industries to the area including a company, dealing in recycled products, that may expand there.

He calls it a win-win for Wisconsin as they would hire locals, then use materials that come from Wisconsin and produce goods that are recyclable thus continue "the recycling stream."

The Democratic Mayor claims the deal may add an initial 20 to 50 new jobs, sorely needed in a city with 17% unemployment. 

Dickert is in Rhode Island sharing ideas with his counterparts from all over at the US Conference of Mayors.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (MP3 :68)

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