Democrats at the Capitol are fuming over Republican plans to redraw the state’s legislative boundaries. Democrats expressed frustration with the maps, drawn by Republican staffers assisted by a partisan law firm. Ashland Democrat, Representative Janet Bewley, questioned changes to the district just south of her 74th Assembly District. “I would say that any reasonable person would look at the 87th and say, this isn’t done, this can’t be the end result,” said Bewly.

While Democrats have accused the GOP of gerrymandering in drawing the new legislative and congressional district boundaries, Marquette University Law School professor Richard Essenberg told the lawmakers that such arguments are unlikely to form the basis for a successful legal challenge. “Challenges based on charges of partisan gerrymanders are simply not going to work,” Essenberg said. “In fact I would suggest that anyone who attempts it is wasting their money.” The redistricting maps and accompanying legislation are on a fast track at the Capitol – the full legislature is expected to vote next Tuesday.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:10)

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