The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System has approved a tuition increase for students at the 13 four year campuses. Prior to Tuesday's vote in Madison, the Regents heard from students, including United Council President Jeff Allen of UW La Crosse: "when will Wiscosnin realize that students need a break?" Allen and other students wanted a tuition freeze. But university staff, such as Professor Derek Jeffreys of UW Green Bay, made a pitch for the tuition hike. "To augmemt faculty salaries, we need this small tuition increase," said Jeffreys. The board voted 17-to-3 to approve the tuition increase proposed by UW System President, Kevin Reilly . Effective this fall, in-state tuition will rise $330 at UW-Madison, $323 at UW-Milwaukee, and $251 at the 11 other four-year campuses. Tuition would remain the same at the 13 two-year colleges.


AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:10 MP3)

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