As weeks turn into months of working from home, experts remind you to get back into a routine to help yourself through the pandemic.

UW-Madison professor Christine Whelan says her family takes the time it would usually take going to the office to get up and move. 

“We walk around, we walk around the neighborhood, I will drink my cup of coffee and then we will go back and settle in. So kind of think about that time as the commute in to our days.”

She reminds people to remember to take breaks and don’t sit at their computer all day. Get up and move, find a workout routine, and normalize the sorts of meals you eat, rather than just snacking all day.

“We used to spend so much time thinking about good ergonomics at the office and so many of us right now are hunched over the kitchen table.”

She also says people shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed if they find out they’re getting work done faster, and that some people work better in environments outside an office. 

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