Congresswoman Gwen Moore says he’s proud of her vote on the Democrat backed Justice in Policing Act.

Moore says the goal of the bill is to rein in police departments that mistreat the public that they’re supposed to be serving. 

“That addresses police misconduct, outlawing racial profiling, chokeholds, the no-knock warrants that killed Breonna Taylor.”

Moore says one important part of that bill is removing military equipment from departments. That equipment was sold as surplus to police as the US Military pulled back from the war on terror. 

“So it felt like a really good idea, until we say, actually, what that looked like on the ground in real time.”

Moore says police departments need to actually protect and serve their communities, rather than be a standing army in military gear. 

“And so to the extent that police departments are behaving more like military units, I think it was important to send that message.”

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