Wisconsin families could save more than $4,000 a year on health-care premiums, if a national policy offers government-sponsored coverage along with private plans, according to a new report. Robert Kraig with Citizen Action says the report also shows employers in the state could save $1.8 billion.

"These estimates are very strong reason that it matters whether or not Congress puts in a public health insurance or not, and gives people a choice between private insurance and public insurance," said Kraig. For families, says Kraig, the savings translates into a 33% savings over current family health insurance premiums, if there is a choice of a strong public health insurance plan.

"With regard to the public option, I'm all in favor of the idea, and now I want to see the devil that's in the details," said Wisconsin congressman, Appleton Democrat Steve Kagen , who commented on the report . "I want to see the plan."

Kagen said that while there's definitely a way to leverage down health care costs for everyone, three questions need to be asked about the proposal to offer government sponsored coverage: will it guarantee access, can we can afford it, and is it the right thing to do?

AUDIO: Citizen Action conference call (18:30 MP3)

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