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A report released by the Green Bay Police Department Tuesday found an officer acted properly during a controversial arrest earlier this year caught on cell phone video. During a news conference, Chief Tom Molitor said Officer Derek Wicklund followed appropriate department procedures and policies, during an arrest made outside a downtown bar in April.

The video, which went viral on-line after its upload to YouTube, showed Wicklund pushing a man into a squad car, tackling him to the ground and apparently roughing him up while taking him into custody.

The department unveiled the report, along with showing several different video angles of the incident which have never been seen before. Wicklund had been accused of using excessive force during the incident, and the report was reviewed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice prior to its release Tuesday. Wicklund also saw the report before it was made public.

In another case involving alleged use of excessive force by a Wisconsin law enforcement officer, Superior Chief of Police Charles LaGesse said officer George Gothner has returned to duty status. Gothner will be working in an administrative duty assignment and will not return to patrol duty, pending the decision of a special prosecutor. Gothner has been on paid administrative leave since early January while the charge is investigated.

Dash cam video shows Gothner throwing a 28-year-old woman onto the hood of his squad car and punching her. A John Doe hearing on the matter is scheduled for October 3rd. Since that process has been slower than anticipated, LaGesse says such an extended administrative leave status was not in the best interest of the department.


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